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The Emerge curriculum is comprehensive, providing structured, effective, instruction in reading, writing, foundational skills and math. Strong vocabulary and language skills are critical to success in reading comprehension.  The phonics based emerge curriculum includes advance vocabulary as its cornerstone.

Vocabulary development is incorporated into all the subjects, even math. Each week the children are introduced to, new, advance vocabulary words like: foliage, mimic, pachyderm, melancholy, amiable, agony, aquatic, submerge and surface, over 100 words for each grade level. Introduced in advance vocabulary class, the words are, then, reinforced in each subject. For example, the children may count, add and subtract the number of aquatic animals in math class. They may color, draw, measure and otherwise identify them in foundational skills. The words with pictures are used to introduce letters, consonants and vowels in reading and writing skills. The children see and hear them in daily classroom communications and in the selected stories the teacher reads to them. They see them, hear them, and use them on a daily basis.

     The Emerge curriculum has a wide and varied range of interesting, engaging and challenging lessons and activities. A comprehensive pre and post exam is included in each workbook. Each text has from 135 to 171 colorful work pages accenting each lesson. The, easy to follow, teacher’s guide provides a series of lessons designed to precede the workbook exercises. The teacher’s guide includes voice recordings and flash cards for drill and practice.  Selected storybook reading with elaboration on the vocabulary words, competition games, student workbooks and other, teacher directed, experiences are part of the, emerge’ instruction program.

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Kindergarten 4 
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