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Devoted athletes give time and energy to physical exercise and training to succeed. Christians should also devote time and energy to training themselves to be spiritually fit. But, how does a person train to be spiritually fit?

     As a veteran senior pastor with over twenty-one years of experience, Dr. Kenneth Sullivan understands exactly what is needed to build church members into strong, committed and devoted disciples who are on fire for God. The information presented in this book encompasses all the vital instructions Dr. Sullivan used as a pastor to coach new converts and faltering Christians into robust, effective disciples for Christ. Many Christians fail to develop the critical disciplines that are necessary for healthy growth and for years they experience spiritual weakness, defeat and a lack of commitment to Christ and His church. However, Christians who learn what is needed to grow in a systematic way, tend to excel in their walk with Christ and in their commitment and support of His work. This book provides the instructions needed to develop the kinds of spiritual disciplines and lifestyle habits that ensure spiritual fitness and a joyful, fruitful and fulfilled life. It is a tool that will help you grow and develop greater spiritual strength, stamina and endurance. It provides very detailed information about the spiritual exercises every Christian must engage in to build and develop spiritual muscle. This book is a friend to pastors because it is specifically designed to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and help them become growing, active, supportive, members of the body of Christ.

     It is a great curriculum for new members classes, Sunday school classes, small and large group Bible studies, or for personal study by those who are serious about developing their walk with Christ. Read it carefully and apply what you learn and you are guaranteed to grow and enjoy a fuller, richer and more rewarding life.

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