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Imagine a world of absolute peace and safety with no war, crime, sickness, pain, death, or fear of any kind. Picture a world where lions and lambs lie down together and children play with wild beasts.

Imagine a new earth with the perfect climate, pristine lakes, towering mountains, crystal-clear rivers, beautiful gardens, exotic and familiar plant and animal life, and trees that produce fruit every month.

Imagine a cube-shaped city of light, constructed entirely of transparent gold and jewels and extending fourteen hundred miles in every direction and fourteen hundred miles out into space. Picture a government where Christ is king, Christians rule, and love is the only law. Imagine possessing a glorious, super-strong body that can defy gravity, is perfect in every way, surges with boundless energy, and will never grow old, get sick, or die. Imagine suddenly possessing super intelligence, a thirst for knowledge, and eternity to learn and discover new things. In fact, imagine becoming immortal.

Now imagine death as nothing more than a doorway exiting this old world and entering the world of the immortals. Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? It’s certainly nothing you’d expect to hear in most churches. But it’s all true and either implicitly or explicitly written in the Bible.

Dr. Kenneth E. Sullivan has taken over a hundred biblical references and descriptions of heaven and eternal life and compiled them, along with clear, easy-to-understand commentary in Teach Me About Heaven and Eternal Life. This book will enlighten, encourage, and excite the reader, causing him or her to look forward to the future with hope, anticipation, and optimism. Dr. Sullivan deals with the subject of death and the afterlife, our resurrection bodies, the environment and culture of heaven and the new earth, the capital city, the role and function of God’s people, and so much more.

Teach Me About Heaven and Eternal Life is the perfect compliment to any Bible curriculum. This book was designed for use in large- or small-group Bible studies, Sunday school, or for individual, self-guided study. It is biblically based and includes a variety of thought- provoking questions along with an answer key.

Heaven is Real! 
You Can Learn About It!
Print Edition
220 Pages

Dr. Kenneth E. Sullivan has enjoyed a dual career in the fields of education and pastoral  ministry. He is the founding pastor of New Direction Christian Church of Indianapolis, where he served as senior pastor for twenty-one years. He also taught in the Indianapolis public schools system for twelve years before resigning to serve as a full-time pastor. Dr. Sullivan is an author and Bible teacher. His degrees include a B.S. from Indiana University, a M.S. from Indiana University, and a Ph.D. from Trinity College and Seminary.

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