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Paul the apostle established a number of churches during his three missionary journeys, including the church at Corinth. This church faced a number of serious problems. Open sin was tolerated. There was division among social classes, division over leadership, abuse of the gifts of the Spirit, false teachers manipulating and exploiting the people and turning them against Paul and there were reports of the grossest kind of sexual immorality.

      The problems of the Corinthian church compelled Paul to write a letter instructing the saints about how Christians should conduct their lives. Pastors today are grappling with these, same, problems as they endeavor to lead their flocks to a deeper level of maturity.  Through his divine wisdom and foreknowledge, God compelled Paul to write this magnificent letter to the saints at Corinth which was designed to provide clear guidance to pastors of all generations about how to lead the flocks, under their care, to maturity. The Emerge commentary on  First Corinthians  clearly explains Paul’s letter and how his instructions apply to the problems and challenges of everyday life in the twenty-first century. The Emerge commentary deals with the following doctrinal and real life topics:

• husband and wife relationships

• marriage and divorce

• sex

• courtship

• the resurrection of the dead

• the rapture of the church

• the gifts of the Spirit and their proper use in the church service

• the fruit of the Spirit,

• the communion

• church leadership issues,

• love and unity in the body of Christ

• and a broad range of other important issues.

Using the emerge commentary is a practical way to build both knowledge, character and personal responsibility in each church member through small or large group Bible study groups or through individual study.  This quality commentary is a must for Bible Study groups!

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